Hapdorn stories


Capital of the Grand Duchy of Thorgelfayne

Part Three

Melissa: Bedtime in Fomin
Melissa’s Wedding Plans
A Letter From Melissa’s Mother
John Anderson and the Ants
Wedding Pictures
Thorgelfaynese Elections
Melissa and the Explosion
John Anderson’s Two Hearts
John Anderson and the Big Bang
Melissa’s Night at the Theater
Meanwhile, Back on Earth…
Melissa’s Quiet Evening With Joanne
Melissa’s Night at the Movies
John Sleeps Under the Stars
Harshan and the Litigious Human
John Anderson and the Bank Robbery
Melissa and Harshan Make a Decision
John Anderson Teaches English
Melissa Gets Homesick for Thorgelfayne
John Anderson Learns the Skritch
Harshan Learns About Dogs
John Anderson Tours the Ducal Residence
Harshan: The New Father
An Alien Bedtime Story for Children
Darryl Makes a Discovery
Melissa and Harshan Dine With Friends
Darryl Sees a Homelander Doctor